Jewelry Care


My jewelry is created with primarily sterling silver, but it also may be made from copper, brass, or stainless steel. The metals used will always be stated in the product listing. Skin discoloration can occur with any of these (except stainless steel). It is of no fault of the metal, and it will not hurt you. The natural PH of your skin causes this to occur, and it will go away. I do not like to use sealants on my jewelry. I prefer to keep it chemical free and let it change with you. Any change in the patina shows your love of the piece.  If you wish to seal jewelry, you may use clear nail polish. The best way to avoid skin discoloration from copper is to seal the part of the jewelry that has direct skin contact.

The reason I oxidize (blacken) most of my pieces is so that no matter how many times you accidentally leave them in the bathroom (which is not recommended), they will still be the same beautiful color they were when I created them for you. This process is done with a product called Liver of Sulphur which just speeds up the oxidation process.

If the piece you purchase from me was designed displaying the natural, shiny state of the metal, be aware that tarnish can occur naturally. This sometimes is light yellow or a darkish brown color. To prevent tarnish, store your jewelry in an airtight container with an anti-tarnish strip. If you purchase raw metal jewelry from me, I will include these a plastic baggie with a tarnish strip for you. Sometimes things happen and tarnish happens. That’s okay. It can be easily removed with a jewelry polishing cloth. Do not use any liquid cleansers as they may harm the piece/stones. I recommend keeping jewelry in a cool, dry place to prevent tarnish and protect the stones that may fade with prolonged exposure to sunlight.

In order to avoid irreparable damage to your jewelry, do not wear your jewelry while applying cosmetics, hair products, or sunscreen. Do not submerge jewelry in water including but not limited to bathing and swimming (in both salt, fresh, and chlorinated water). Water and chemicals can damage any textiles used as well as stones. It can also remove any purposeful coloring I add to the metal. Exceptions to this rule will be stated in product descriptions. For example, my metal stacking rings are safe to wear at any time and some of my 100% metal earrings. Again, this will be stated in product descriptions.



Please bear in mind that stones are a highly sought after material for their beauty. They had the earth to protect them while they were forming. Some stones are softer than others and should be treated with more care. I tend to avoid using delicate stones in rings or bracelets for this reason. Please remember that stones are not manmade. They come from the beauty of the earth. Just as you wouldn’t stomp on a flower, treat your jewelry with care, and it will last you a long time. Mistreatment of your jewelry can cause stones to scratch or chip and metal to bend or break. All of my jewelry is made to last with normal treatment, and I test each new design for durability.

If you’d like to read more about stone hardness and properties, you can visit or do a simple search online.



All of my sari silk bracelets are okay to be handwashed in cool water with a mild soap and then air dried. 



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