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40" Long Eclectic Gemstone Necklace in Light Blue

40" Long Eclectic Gemstone Necklace in Light Blue

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When I think of camping, I think of coming together. As a child, I went to girl scout camp once, and every troop traded handmade pins for our hats that represented our camping time. My favorite pin was one that looked like a S’more. So this necklace is a representation of coming together. It’s bead soup that I’ve tailored around a central soft blue theme - like you want the sky to be when you’re camping. This necklace is composed of a mixture of gemstones and czech glass. I couldn’t even list every stone in here for you, but I’ll try. You have aquamarine (in several cuts), tanzanite, cats eye, rainbow moonstone, aventurine (also in several cuts), lapis, smoky quartz, grey quartz, citrine, prehnite, emerald, gray moonstone, white moonstone, labradorite, dragon skin agate, amethyst, hematite, kyanite, and more!

This necklace is a perfect layering piece, you can also knot it kind of like a bolo to shorten a bit. It is approximately 40” long and does not have a clasp. It is finished in sterling silver with a cleverly hidden in connection point.

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