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Copper Jellyfish earrings

Copper Jellyfish earrings

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Oh the compliments you'll get on your unique, copper jellyfish jewelry! For the longest time I have been fascinated with these beautiful creatures and have been dying to find a way to represent their beauty in the way of jewelry. A stroke of genius later, and these earrings were created.

Everything from the top to the bottom of these little jellyfish is handcrafted. The main body of the jellyfish is an artisan, lampwork glass handcrafted in Texas. The hood of the jellyfish is hand-forged from sheet metal by myself using a variety of tools to give it dimension. The tentacles are also hand-forged and hand-shaped to give each one a unique character. Even the earwires are hand-formed by me to ensure quality and consistency. Then these little guys are put through a special strengthening process to make sure they will stand up to the test of time.

The earrings are made of copper. They measure approximately 1.75" (4.445cm) long & weigh 2.98 grams.
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